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JAPAN and the WORLD Print Magazine

JAPAN and the WORLD magazine has acquired a strong reputation for being a reliable source of diplomatic news. We now have over 6000 readers in and out of Japan, JAPAN and the WORLD is the number one Media to understand how Japan interacts with the world and how the world wants to be seen by Japan.

JAPAN and the WORLD magazine is a bilingual (English- Japanese) business magazine that promotes business opportunities between Japan and 160+ Foreign missions. The magazine also showcases the activities of diplomatic missions in Japan and the challenges they are facing in achieving their goals and becoming closer trading partners to Japan.

In addition, JAPAN and the WORLD focuses on understanding how Japanese corporate leaders compete on the international stage. JAPAN and the WORLD covers a diverse range of cultural issues, the current economic issues and news, present and future investment projects, trade, finance, and tourism news as well as social events. From interviews with heads of state, high-level government officials and ambassadors to sector analysis and corporate testimonials, JAPAN and the WORLD magazine keeps its readers informed and involved in bilateral proceedings.


We offer a broad range of options for advertisers to reach a growing and influential audience.

We work directly with governments, embassies and businesses to ensure our content is unique, direct from the source and, above all, compelling and actionable. By partnering with you on future issues of JAPAN and the WORLD magazine, we aim to present/advertise your message to influential policy-makers and opinion-shapers.

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JAPAN and the WORLD’s aim is to highlight recent economic developments, investment projects, trade and tourism opportunities, as well as social and cultural events in Japan and Japan-partnered countries around the world.

Focusing on bilateral issues that exist between nations, the publication’s goal is to promote cross-cultural understanding, diversity and produce analysis of socio-economic issues around the world.


JAPAN and the WORLD online


Our online platform available only in English, showcases diplomatic news from Japan. It is the number one platform to understand how Japan interacts with the world through diplomatic channels and keep updated with the diplomatic world in Japan.

Whether it is through economic partnership, technology transfer or sports, diplomacy is everywhere.
 JAPAN and the WORLD.net covers every type of diplomacy.


From short news to interviews with leaders, we keep our readers informed with latest bilateral developments and diplomatic news.


To keep our readers aware of all the happenings in the diplomatic world in Japan (seminars, receptions, festivals, cultural events, exhibition, National Day celebrations, concerts and more).

Embassy Listing

Exclusive listing of Embassies with Ambassadors name, photos and Embassies addresses and maps.

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