We specialize in diplomatic communication services.

Depending on the level of development of a country, its target sectors and its goals we offer customized communication plans.

By offering customized services we contribute to the successful promotion of countries to the Japanese market.

  • Increase Visibility
  • Increase Awareness
  • Deepen Bilateral Relations
  • Increase PPP
  • Increase Tourism
  • Increase FDI

1. Nation and Regional Branding

Customized promotional plans to reach out to the Japanese market.


Increasing numbers of countries are realizing that in order to break into the Japanese market, they must cultivate their national image through Nation Branding. Successful Nation Branding creates positive associations which, in turn, increases public awareness of a country’s cultural and business profile.

Why choose Inter Media Japan for Nation Branding? As Japan specialists, we offer customized communication strategies to increase a country’s profile—including tourism, investment and business opportunities—in Japan and Japan-partnered countries.

What is Nation Branding?

In the past, branding used to be limited to products and services offered by businesses, creating a connection between the product, its qualities and the consumer. The instant recognition, familiarity, and customer loyalty which branding can provide for companies can also be created for nations. Now recognized by an increasing number of countries, it has become a necessity for nations to brand themselves by creating positive associations in people’s minds about a country.

Indeed, branding can remedy the negative images people abroad may have about a certain country and bring public awareness to areas which have been neglected previously. Such strategies can lead to improvements in the country’s reputation and reception abroad and this, in turn, can lead to increased international recognition, investment and business opportunities. Tourism, trade, industry, and beyond—a country stands to benefit greatly economically if it can brand itself in the right way.

Fam Trips

In order to enhance the ability of Diplomatic Missions in Japan to promote their own countries, IMJ has created a special service called Familiarization Trips (FamTrips).

FamTrips are fully integrated Nation Branding plans. Our aim with FamTrips is to offer a media platform for countries to promote tourism, culture and business opportunities.

FamTrip include ready to use media content such as still images, HD video, news articles, interviews and fact sheets.


Up-to-date and exclusive video footage and photography.


We offer on demand photo and video production to provide you with high quality content which is key to any promotion plan. Our photographers and/or videographers will visit your country and take unique footage ready to be used to promote your country and build relationships with influencers, media and the Japanese public.

3. Events

Seminars, National Day celebration, Festivals, etc.


Inter Media Japan specializes in planning creative, professional and high impact occasions that will resonate with attendees as memorable experiences.

Hosting Events are a great way to reach out to a specific audience but requires professional planning and execution to maximize outcomes.


Connecting people and businesses.


Positioning ourselves at the center of the bilateral business world, Inter Media Japan has a very distinct PR approach. We connect the private sector, governments and media in order to create synergies.


Bilingual customized print promotion materials.

Djibouti Special 2016 [Covers]
In order to increase awareness of your country, business or brand in the Japanese market, we will create tailor made publications that are printed upon request.

Customized Magazines have been tailored especially for the needs of Diplomatic Missions based in Japan. By becoming an Inter Media Japan partner, missions receive high quality media coverage to increase their country’s profile through strategic nation branding campaigns. We will create tailor made publications that are printed upon request. From managing content, translation, and photography, design and delivery, Inter Media Japan will take care of the whole production process for very competitive prices.

6. Digital Communication

Create or increase a web online presence

Angola Website [Showcase Mockup]

You might not even notice it anymore, but whenever you like to voice an opinion about someone (a public figure, say) or something (a product or a service), more than likely, you will rely on the Internet. Indeed, the Internet has become the go-to place for information gathering and sharing.

As for country branding, the information available on the Internet for a particular country can be a double-edged sword: people may well have an incomplete (or misplaced) perception about a country if its online presence goes unmanaged. Therefore, it is incumbent upon countries to develop a positive reputation online.

Inter Media Japan integrates digital presence as an integral part of the Nation Branding package in order to:

  • Create a digital presence that matches the targets defined by the Nation Branding objectives.
  • Consolidate, correct and improve existing digital assets.
  • Create and associate digital assets to match trends related to the Nation Branding objectives.

Inter Media Japan provides a team of digital marketing specialists, including but not limited to:

  • Creative Directors
  • Copywriters
  • Designers
  • Advertisers
  • Web Developers

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